Yamaha Digital Piano | P-515 - Keyboard Only - Black
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Yamaha Digital Piano
P-515 – Keyboard Only – Black


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Portable Luxury


With P-515, you can enjoy the exquisite beauty and sought-after tone of both the
Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand pianos.
With over 500 Voices, P-515 gives you a wide selection of sounds to choose from,
making it the perfect tool to create and perform in any musical genre.

P-515 has a Natural Wood X(NWX) keyboard – created using the unrivaled expertise
Yamaha has acquired through more than a century of crafting some of the world’s
finest acoustic pianos. This, combined with cutting-edge digital technology,
makes for an authentic piano playing experience that only Yamaha can provide.

The elegant, yet compact and portable design makes P-515 an attractive addition
to your home, and a reliable, eye-catching instrument on stage.

Add style to any room

Modern, stylish and elegant, P-515 is the focal point of any room.
With wooden accents and polished details, P-515 looks as good as it sounds. When
you sit down at this beautiful instrument, you will experience a true touch of

Pure Piano Experience

P-515 provides you with your own personal Piano Room where you can choose the
type of piano you play, what kind of room you’re playing in, and adjust a
variety of settings to shape your sound.
The clear, easy to use display is very intuitive to understand putting features
and settings at your fingertips. Download the Smart Pianist app for iOS, connect
your device , and enjoy a rich and detailed touch screen interface that makes
navigating the sounds and settings of your instrument even easier. Smart Pianist
can even access your iOS device’s music library and create a chord chart for you
in real time!


When you’ve finally perfected the look in your home, you don’t want to spoil it
with an unsightly and old-fashioned piano that doesn’t fit in. Enter the Roland
DP603–a new digital piano whose stylish cabinet and minimalist design are the
perfect match for your modern living space. The DP603’s appeal is more than
skin-deep, with Roland’s latest SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling for rich, authentic
sounds and a PHA-50 keyboard that feels so expressive to play. An onboard
selection of practice-friendly features is backed up by wireless connectivity to
a tablet or smartphone, allowing audio playback and connectivity with the latest
apps. Blending classic sounds with contemporary design, the Roland DP603 is
perfect for the modern piano player.

Width: 1,398 mm | 55-1/16 inches
Depth: 311 mm | 12-1/4 inches
Height: 783 mm | 30-13/16 inches
Weight (including Piano stand): DP603-PE, DP603-PW: 47.4 kg, 104 lbs 8 oz

Width: 1,398 mm | 55-1/16 inches
Depth: 377 mm | 14-13/16 inches
Height: 975 mm | 38-3/8 inches
Weight (including Piano stand): DP603-PE, DP603-PW: 47.4 kg, 104 lbs 8 oz



There are two different colors to choose from: Black and White.


L515 Keyboard StandL515B/L515WH


The L515 Keyboard Stand for P-515 Piano from Yamaha is an attractive stand designed to match the look and feel of the P-515 piano (sold separately).
It is designed to securely support the piano.

Please select L-515 from the Stand option if you would like to buy one.




The Yamaha LP-1 is a three-pedal unit designed to deliver piano-style sustain, sostenuto, and soft control for musicians playing Yamaha P-121, P-125, or P-515 digital pianos on stage, during lessons, or at home.
Proper installation with your Yamaha P-121, P-125, or P-515 requires a separately available corresponding stand (L-121, L-125, or L-515).
The LP-1 supports half-damper response and connects to your compatible digital piano via the included multi-pin DIN cable. Its durable metal construction withstands the rigors of daily use.

Please select LP-1 from the Pedal option if you would like to buy one.



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Smart Pianist Smart Pianist Get more with the Smart Pianist App

Enjoy the piano more with Smart Pianist, a dedicated app that adds a beautiful graphic interface and a variety of incredible features to your compatible Yamaha digital piano.

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P-515 – Keyboard Only – Black”

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