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Spotlight on Exceptional Students

Celebrating RCM Exam Challengers

We’d like to dedicate a page to our committed students who challenge themselves by taking the RCM exams. Let’s take a moment to get to know a bit more about these awesome students!

Jason Wang

Jason’s teacher describes him as Jason is an advanced student who completed his RCM Level 8 exam in January 2024 with an honors. Currently he is preparing for his Level 9 exam. His phrase shaping and direction has greatly improved and he is continuing to work on voicing and tone colour.

Here are some words from Jason himself: “My name is Jason, I’m 14 and I came from China. I enjoy doing music a lot, and I love drawing as well. I love doing well work at school and I’m pretty good at acting. I play basketball and badminton outside of school. I also played a whole bunch of video games. My main goal right now is probably get to level 10 in RCM piano exams and do better in school academics.”

We’re very proud of you Jason! Here’s a short video of him playing at our gallery:

Liana Moghbeli

Liana joined our academy in May 2022 as a beginner in piano and has been fine tuning her skills very well. She has now moved toward studying RCM and recently did very well on her RCM level 3 exam! 

Outside of piano lessons Liana takes interest in taekwondo and currently holds a red belt. She is also interested in dance and has some experience in it and is looking forward to continuing it further.

Liana’s commitment to mastering her craft shines brightly through her exceptional performances and steadfast determination. Her journey through RCM Level 3 has not only enriched her musical skills but has also provided her with invaluable experiences that will undoubtedly shape her future endeavors.

Liana Moghbeli 3 – Copy

Jimmy Sun

Jimmy started with our academy in Sept 2022 being at RCM level 8 already. Now he is in level 10 and just passed the first half of the exam with an excellent grade. He’s still studying hard to do the second part of his exam soon. Aside from piano, Jimmy also takes part in playing badminton, and snowboarding, and also plays the clarinet in his school band! Watch Jimmy play a short piece at our gallery after being acknowledged for his RCM Exam score!

Grazia Zhang

Grazia started piano at our academy in 2018 with learning the piano and the in last recent years has gone towards the RCM path. She currently passed her level 4 RCM exam with a high grade and we’re very proud of her! 

Grazia also enjoys other hobbies including water sports, art/doodling, and video games.

Grazia 1

David Wei

David is quite an intriguing young man with many interests! He takes singing, piano, and classical guitar lessons and he is an excellent student! He is curious, smart and dedicated and his teachers really enjoy him as their student. David loves acting as well and in China he had even appeared in some movies and as an MC on some of Beijing’s TV shows, and is quite confident in public speaking.

With his new hobby at Music Gallery – classical guitar studies – David recently passed his Classical Guitar RCM Prep Level exam with honors! 

Aside from music, David enjoys skiing as well. He also has a dream of becoming president of a country one day that would offer good education, affordable housing for everyone, with an easy mean to find a job, host good activities, and say no to war. 

We are very proud of David and hope he enjoys his musical journey with us.

Check out his piano skills on the video below.

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Tina Teimouri

Tina joined in Jan 2023 and has now passed RCM level 2 with an excellent mark!

Tina’s teacher remarks her as a motivated student who is very enthusiastic about learning piano. Her articulation and technique has improved a lot since she started and she is continuing to make progress on following all the written dynamics. 

Tina Teimouri 1

Kate Chan

Kate has been taking violin lessons with us since Oct 2019 and her teacher is very proud of her for working her way through. And she recently passed her RCM level 4 exam with honors! Aside from learning the violin, Kate also enjoys taking drawing lessons.

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