Yamaha Piano Stand | L-300 Keyboard Stand For DGX-670 - Black
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Yamaha Piano Stand
L-300 Keyboard Stand For DGX-670 – Black


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Product Information of Yamaha L-85 Keyboard Stand – Black

The Yamaha L-300 Black keyboard stand is crafted to complement the DGX-670. When you attach this optional accessory to the instrument, it ensures that the keyboard is positioned perfectly for seated playing, providing stability and firmness, while seamlessly blending with your home decor. The L-300 furniture stand becomes necessary when incorporating the optional LP-1 piano-style 3-pedal accessory.


  • Crafted to complement the DGX670
  • Seamlessly blends with home decor
  • Necessary for incorporating the optional LP-1 piano-style 3-pedal accessory
  • Attaches directly to the bottom of the piano

This well-designed stand keeps your keyboard secure while playing. It attaches directly to the bottom of your piano.

Why Keyboard Stands Matter

Keyboard stands are indispensable accessories for musicians, providing essential stability, ergonomics, and versatility. These stands elevate keyboards to optimal playing height, reducing strain on wrists and promoting comfortable posture, thus enhancing performance and endurance during extended sessions. Their sturdy construction ensures the safety of expensive equipment, while adjustable features cater to players of varying heights and preferences. Furthermore, keyboard stands optimize space utilization, seamlessly integrating into any studio or stage setup. Whether for professional gigs or casual practice, a dependable keyboard stand maximizes comfort, performance, and overall musical experience, becoming an essential tool for every musician’s arsenal.

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L-300 Keyboard Stand For DGX-670 – Black”

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