Yamaha Pianica Keyboard 37-Key | P-37EBK - Black
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Yamaha Pianica Keyboard 37-Key
P-37EBK – Black


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Product Information of Yamaha -37EBK – Black

Yamaha P-37EBK is a pianica produced by Yamaha. The pianica may seem like a children’s toy at first, but watching a video of it in action reveals its surprising qualities. Its elegant design belies its expressive range and beautiful tone. The P-37E model allows for control over breath flow, creating a singing-like quality to the sound. It’s enjoyable to play solo or in a group, and its unique feature of mobility allows performers to actively move around the stage while playing, adding an extra dimension to the performance.

Features of the P-37E Series

  • A simple and refined design for adults
  • A relaxed and rich tone. The red model has a bright and resplendent tone, while the brown and black models have a mellow tone.
  • A mouthpiece shape that helps prevent mouth fatigue even after long periods of playing
  • Includes a soft case with a subdued look for adults, with a shoulder strap for easy carrying

Yamaha Pianica Keyboard P37E



The P-37E Pianica is distinguished by its tone, with brown and black models producing a smooth sound, particularly gentle in the high range, while the red model boasts a brilliant, well-balanced tone that carries throughout its range. These differences arise from intentional design variances, such as the application of sound-absorbing materials, breath flow control, and unique internal structures. The brown and black models prioritize warmth with Ecodear® resin for a defined tonal core, while the red model emphasizes brightness and presence, ensuring it stands out in ensembles.

Refined Playability


The Pianica is not only easy to play but also offers a wide range of musical expressions, largely influenced by the player’s blowing technique. Techniques such as long tones, tonguing, and adjusting breath strength enable unique musical expression that enhances the music in a distinctive manner achievable only with the Pianica.



The brown and black Pianicas feature a subdued and mature design, while the red model adds dazzle with glossy red parts on both sides of the keyboard. All three models have a moderately rough casing underside surface that contrasts nicely with the smoothness of the keyboard, providing a warm feel and mysterious charm. The timeless simplicity is further accentuated by the black extension pipe mouthpiece, which can be easily replaced if needed.

Convenient Carrying Case


The P-37E Pianica includes a dedicated soft case for convenient portability. The shoulder strap length is adjustable for versatile carrying options.

P-37ERD (Red)

Yamaha-Pianica-Keyboard-P-37ERD (Red)

Yamaha introduced a new red model alongside the existing brown and black pianicas. The tone of the red pianica complements its vibrant color with a clearer timbre compared to the black and brown models, making it ideal for live performances. Undoubtedly, its striking appearance will enhance any stage setting.

P-37EBR (Brown) / P-37BK (Black)

Yamaha-Pianica-Keyboard-P-37EBR (Brown) / P-37BK (Black)

The brown and black pianicas offer a soft and mellow tone for your enjoyment. Their understated colors and simple design make them perfect not only for the stage but also for leisurely moments at home, providing a change of pace, relaxation, or a creative tool for composing.








Color Red Brown Black
Dimensions Length: 19″ (483mm), Width: 4″ (104mm), Height: 2″ (50mm) Length: 19″ (483mm), Width: 4″ (104mm), Height: 2″ (50mm) Length: 19″ (483mm), Width: 4″ (104mm), Height: 2″ (50mm)
Weight 1.76 lbs (800g) 1.83 lbs (830g) 1.83 lbs (830g)
Key 37 (F3 – F6) 37 (F3 – F6) 37 (F3 – F6)
Accessories Mouthpiece, Extension Pipe, Owner’s Manual, Soft Case with Strap Mouthpiece, Extension Pipe, Owner’s Manual, Soft Case with Strap Mouthpiece, Extension Pipe, Owner’s Manual, Soft Case with Strap

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P-37EBK – Black”

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