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Yamaha Compact Guitar
GL1 PB – Persimmon Brown


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Product Information of Yamaha GL1 PB

The Yamaha GL1 PB is a unique instrument that combines the portability of a ukulele with the sound and feel of a traditional nylon-string classical guitar.

  • Body: The GL1 has a small, guitar-shaped body with a spruce top and meranti back and sides. It has a PB matte finish.
  • Neck: The GL1 features a neck crafted from nato wood, complemented by a rosewood fingerboard hosting 18 frets. It has a scale length of 17 inches and a nut width of 1.87 inches.
  • Strings: The GL1 features nylon strings, delivering a warm and mellow tone perfect for classical, flamenco, or folk music.
  • Tuning: The GL1 is tuned like a guitar, but with a higher pitch. The strings are tuned to A-D-G-C-E-A, which is equivalent to the top four strings of a standard guitar, plus a high A and E string.
  • Accessories: The Yamaha GL1 includes a convenient soft gig bag, ensuring effortless transportation of the instrument.

Experience the Yamaha GL1, a versatile and portable instrument designed for musicians on the go. Its compact size allows for easy transport and playing in various settings, from the comfort of your home to exciting jam sessions. Moreover, this guitar delivers exceptional sound and playability, making it a reliable choice for musicians seeking flexibility and convenience in their musical journey. Furthermore, it’s an excellent choice for beginners, as well as experienced players looking to explore new sounds and styles. With its small size and exceptional playability, this guitar is a reliable companion for musical adventures on any scale.


The Yamaha GL1 PB has several features that make it a great instrument for a wide range of musicians.

  • Portability: One of the key benefits of the GL1 is its portability. Its small size and lightweight construction make it easy to take with you anywhere, whether you’re traveling, playing at a gig, or just practicing at home. The included gig bag makes it even easier to transport.
  • Sound: The GL1 surprises with its rich and full sound, defying its compact size, making it ideal for various musical styles like classical, flamenco, and folk. In addition, the nylon strings produce a warm and mellow tone that is pleasing to the ear.
  • Playability: The GL1 is easy and comfortable to play, even for beginners or those with smaller hands. The nylon strings offer a gentle touch, while the compact size and shorter scale length enhance fret accessibility and chord playing.
  • Versatility: The GL1 shines in diverse musical settings – solo, travel, or as a complement to classical guitar or ukulele.
  • Affordability: The GL1 is relatively affordable, especially compared to larger or more expensive guitars. The GL1’s accessibility appeals to a broader musician base and makes it an ideal choice for beginners.


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Weight 36 lbs
Guitar Color

Persimmon Brown




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GL1 PB – Persimmon Brown”

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