Yamaha Digital Piano 88-Key | P-515 - White (Keyboard Only)
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Yamaha Digital Piano 88-Key
P-515 – White (Keyboard Only)


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Product Information of Yamaha P-515 – White

Yamaha P-515 White is an 88-key portable digital piano produced by Yamaha. The Yamaha P-515, part of the esteemed P-Series, stands out as a premier digital piano renowned for its exceptional quality and advanced features. Moreover, the Yamaha P-515 is great for a wide range of people: pros, intermediate players, music teachers, and home enthusiasts. It’s top-notch for pros who need quality sound and features for gigs and recordings. Intermediate players love its realistic feel and sound for practice and learning new pieces. Teachers find it handy for lessons and studio work. Home users enjoy its authentic feel and easy-to-use features for playing at home. In addition, it’s portable and durable, perfect for performers doing live shows. Overall, it’s a versatile choice for anyone serious about their piano playing.

Luxurious Portability

Experience the opulent elegance and coveted sound of both the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand pianos with the P-515. Boasting over 500 Voices, the P-515 offers a diverse array of sounds, ideal for crafting and performing across various musical genres. Featuring the Natural Wood X (NWX) keyboard, meticulously crafted through Yamaha’s century-long expertise in acoustic piano making, coupled with state-of-the-art digital technology, the P-515 delivers an unparalleled piano-playing experience. Its sleek, compact, and portable design makes the P-515 a stylish addition to any home and a dependable, attention-grabbing instrument on stage.

Enhance the Ambiance of Any Space

With its modern, stylish, and elegant design, the P-515 becomes the focal point of any room. Featuring wooden accents and polished details, the P-515 not only looks stunning but also delivers exceptional sound quality. When you sit down to play this exquisite instrument, you’ll experience a true touch of sophistication.

Immerse yourself in a Pure Piano Experience

The P-515 offers a personalized Piano Room where you can select your preferred piano type, adjust room ambiance, and customize various settings to tailor your sound. Its user-friendly display makes navigation effortless, placing all features and settings at your fingertips. By downloading the Smart Pianist app for iOS and connecting your device, you gain access to a rich touch screen interface that simplifies sound selection and adjustment. Moreover, the app can seamlessly integrate with your iOS music library and generate real-time chord charts.

A Sleek Digital Piano Ideal for Contemporary Living Spaces

The Roland DP603 is a slim and stylish digital piano designed to complement modern interiors. Its sleek cabinet and minimalist aesthetic blend seamlessly with modern living spaces. Beyond its visual appeal, the DP603 boasts Roland’s advanced SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling technology, delivering authentic and expressive sounds. The PHA-50 keyboard further enhances the playing experience with its responsive touch. Additionally, the DP603 features practice-friendly functions and wireless connectivity for audio playback and interaction with compatible apps. Combining classic piano tones with contemporary design, the Roland DP603 is the perfect choice for today’s pianists.

Dimensions and Weight (Including Piano Stand, with Lid Closed)

  • Width: 1,398 mm | 55-1/16 inches
  • Depth: 311 mm | 12-1/4 inches
  • Height: 783 mm | 30-13/16 inches
  • Weight (including Piano stand): DP603-PE, DP603-PW: 47.4 kg, 104 lbs 8 oz
  • Dimensions and Weight (Including Piano Stand, with Lid Open)

Available Colours

You have the option to choose from two colors: Black and White.

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P-515 – White (Keyboard Only)”

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