Roland Pedal Unit | KPD-70 For FP-30 and FP-30X - Black
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Roland Pedal Unit
KPD-70 For FP-30 and FP-30X – Black


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Product Information of Roland KPD-70 – Black

The Roland KPD-70 Black is a custom three-pedal unit for the FP-30 and FP-30X Digital Piano. Available in white or black finish. Requires KSC-70 stand, sold separately.

It’s a dedicated three-pedal unit designed to enhance the functionality and expressiveness of compatible Roland digital pianos.  This sleek and sturdy pedalboard offers a professional-grade playing experience and is an ideal companion for pianists seeking authentic pedal control.


  • With its solid construction and responsive pedals, the KPD-70 provides a realistic and immersive playing feel. The three pedals include damper, soft, and sostenuto functions, allowing players to accurately recreate the expressive nuances found in traditional acoustic pianos.
  • The KPD-70 is specifically designed to integrate seamlessly with compatible Roland digital pianos, ensuring effortless setup and compatibility. Moreover, the pedalboard connects to the piano via a single cable, eliminating clutter and simplifying your playing environment.
  • In addition to its functional design, the KPD-70 boasts an attractive aesthetic that complements the appearance of Roland digital pianos. In addition, the pedalboard’s sleek and modern design adds a touch of elegance to any setup, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your instrument.
  • With the KPD-70, you can take your piano playing to the next level, enjoying enhanced control and expression. Whether you’re practicing classical pieces or performing live, this pedalboard offers a reliable and immersive playing experience. It will elevate your musical performances.

Why Pedal Units Matter

A pedal unit for a digital piano is essential for expression and authenticity in playing. It allows nuanced control over sound dynamics, replicating the feel of traditional piano pedals. Versatile across musical genres, it aids technique development and seamlessly integrates with digital pianos. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a vital component, enabling pianists to fully express themselves authentically. With a pedal unit, pianists can unlock the full potential of their instrument, adding depth and emotion to their performances.

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KPD-70 For FP-30 and FP-30X – Black”

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