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LX-9-PE – Polished Ebony


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Product Information of Roland LX-9-PE – Polished Ebony

Roland LX-9-PE is a premium upright piano produced by Roland.

Premium Grand Performance in an Upright Cabinet

The LX-9 is the flagship piano in the premium LX lineup. With commanding looks, unrivaled sound, and nuanced expression, the LX-9 embodies everything you’d expect from a high-end concert grand piano—coupled with all the benefits of an advanced modern instrument. Additionally, enjoy a host of digital features to enhance your experience, such as Bluetooth connectivity, wireless control with the Roland Piano App, and maintenance-free care.

  • Designed with Roland’s advanced Piano Reality approach for a refined musical experience
  • The Piano Reality Modeling sound engine provides authentic grand piano sound and response with unlimited polyphony
  • Hybrid Grand keyboard with progressive hammer action, escapement, hybrid wood/molded keys with Ivory Feel, long key pivot length, and unique haptic vibration
  • High Precision Sensing technology for ultra-detailed touch response
  • Progressive Damper Action, soft, and sostenuto pedals with continuous detection, damper modeling, and support for traditional techniques
  • Piano Reality Projection sound system with advanced sonic processing, premium audio components, and eight speakers with a dedicated center channel
  • Smart touch blackout panel with intuitive icons
  • The top lid can be set to open or closed
  • Low-maintenance design that never needs tuning
  • Connect a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth to play along with favorite songs and work with
    MIDI music apps
  • Control LX-9 features, explore lessons, and more with the companion Roland Piano App
  • Advanced metronome, recorder, and dual headphone jacks for daily practice
  • USB ports for connecting with computers and flash storage devices
  • Available in polished white, polished ebony, and charcoal black finishes

Roland Digital Piano _ LX-9

Roland Premium Upright Piano LX-9

Elegant Expression

Discover rich, full sound with complex overtones and harmonics delivered by Roland’s advanced Piano Reality Modeling technology. From pianissimo to fortissimo, breathe life into your music with a wide dynamic range and nuanced playability. Furthermore, add depth to specific notes through half-pedaling with the continuous sustain pedal. And personalize the sound by changing the timbre of the piano.

A Symphony of Sounds

The versatile LX-9 provides an extensive spectrum of tonal nuances and expressive capabilities that intuitively adapt to your playing. Begin gently to evoke a dignified, soothing timbre, and when you crescendo, the tone dynamically brightens in response to your touch. As emotions and technique intertwine in your playing, the LX-9 faithfully mirrors your passion.

Responsive Touch

The LX-9 delivers an organic playing experience that naturally responds to your touch. From commanding fortissimo excerpts to half-touch and rapid trills, the sensitive keyboard translates unlimited tonal colors seamlessly. Legato, staccato, and other articulations ring true with precision key release control. In addition, haptic feedback and the escapement mechanism provide immediate acoustic interaction within expressive passages. Moreover, long hybrid keys allow for a consistent weighted feel regardless of the hand position on the keyboard, thus reducing the risk of strain during extended practice sessions or performances.

Lose Yourself in Music

A space’s ambiance is a crucial part of an acoustic piano sound. In various settings, from a vast concert hall to an intimate studio space, Piano Reality Ambience puts six environments at your fingertips. Moreover, eight speakers independently deliver the sound of different instrument elements, including string and cabinet resonances, subtle hammer noise, and more. Furthermore, when you want to play silently, plug in headphones for an immersive solo experience.

A Sound Investment

The LX-9’s classic upright design strikes a sophisticated pose in any environment. Additionally, a movable lid and discreet blackout screen convey the same look as an acoustic piano. Secondly, second-floor installation woes are now a thing of the past—the LX-9 ships in two boxes for easy setup in any room. Moreover, thanks to its digital design, this fine instrument requires none of the regular tuning and other maintenance costs that come with owning an acoustic piano.

Piano Designer

Dive deeper into your piano’s sound and adjust the character of each note, including string tuning and temperament. Fine-tune the tone and resonance to your space for the optimal acoustic response. Furthermore, you can save your tuning adjustments as customized presets to summon if several pianists share the LX-9.

Make a Connection

Access deeper settings, play along with streamed music, find digital scores, and more when you pair with the Roland Piano App and other music apps via Bluetooth. Also, discover additional digital features like Twin Piano mode for same-range duets, an onboard recorder to evaluate progress, and a metronome to hone your timing skills.

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