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Hailun Upright Piano
H – 5P

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Product Information of Hailun HU 5P

Hailun HU 5P is an upright piano made by Hailun.

Designed for the larger studio, the HU-5P Professional Studio is powerful and yet well balanced with a colorful tone. Cold pressed hammers of highest quality German Wurzen felt are the heart of the sound. Tuning and action stability are ensured with the multi-laminate maple pin block, bass agraffes, full perimeter wet sand cast plate, and the exclusive PAS Keyboard Stability system. Special ebonized sharps and all wood action parts made of hornbeam from Europe give the pianist exceptional control. Slow-close fallboard and classic design add the finishing touch.

Delivery is free. Also included: free bench, 1 free tuning, and 15 year warranty!

Cabinet Height: 50 in. (127 cm.)

Depth: 23.2 in. (59 cm.)

Width: 59 in. (150 cm.)

Plate: Wet sand cast; full perimeter for strength and tuning stability

Soundboard: 1,891 square inches–all mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility

String: German Röslau, Copper-steel bead, Steel Pressure Bar for cleaner termaination and clarity in treble, Bass: Agraffes

No. 1 Bass String Speaking Length: 48.2 in.

Pin Block: Multi-laminate 17 layers maple

Tuning Pins: # 45 steel, chromium sealed

Ribs: 11 quarter sawn spruce Backposts: 4

Action: Hailun Performance PlusTM design European hornbeam

Action Rail: Hard maple

Hammers: German quality FFW felt, Wurzen Co., Germany. Cold pressed felt hammers; Mahogany hammer molding


• Naturals–Laminated spruce with red beech shoes, buttons and dowel capstains; weighted and balanced;

• Sharps–Ebony wood

Bridges: Solid maple–hand notched

Bass Bridge: Solid maple Casters: Double solid brass

Pedals: Solid brass; Soft–Sustaining–Mute

Features: Cabinet top: split-lid with brass hinge; front open; fallboard: slow close; bench: adjustable with music storage

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“My name is Mr. Hailun Chen. I have put my name on my pianos and on my company. It is my personal guarantee to you, that each piano is and continues to be crafted with the finest materials and to the highest quality standards. My reputation depends on it.”
– Hailun Chen

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Weight 550 lbs


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3 reviews for Hailun Upright Piano
H – 5P

  1. Sherry Chen

    Just bought a Hailun HU5P from them. Best service I ever had in the past 2 years of searching a piano for my daughter. Mike is very knowledgeable about piano and very patient in explaining what to looks in a new and used piano. I learned a lot from him. I did not get such a service when I when in the other big stores. If someone is willing to spend 2 hours explain everything to me and another hour the next day for exactly the same thing to my husband, he deserves my business. I have no problem to recommend this place to anyone who looks for a good piano. Thank you Mike! I love my piano!

  2. Mohsen J.

    My son is taking his piano lessons at Music Gallery since we moved to North Shore. Honestly he has been lucky with all his teachers, he’s started playing piano when he was 4 and we really appreciate all his teachers, but our experience with Music Gallery has been extraordinary. I really love their customer service, very friendly environment and their flexibility. We have a Hailun HU5 from them which sounds great and is by far the best at this price range, Mike made it a good purchasing experience. I really like to support them as an independent local business and strongly recommend them.

  3. Roham B.

    I traded my old Yamaha piano with a new Hailun HU5. The deal and services I received were very professional and promising. As a piano technician and teacher, I am satisfied with the quality of the piano and the service. I recommend this place in comparison with other piano store!

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