Hailun Grand Piano | HG-151 Polished Walnut | Baby Grand Piano
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Hailun Grand Piano
HG-151 Polished Walnut
Baby Grand Piano

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Product Information of Hailun HG-151 Polished Walnut Grand Piano

Hailun HG-151 (Polished Walnut) is a baby grand piano produced by Hailun. This is part of our collection of Hailun pianos.

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Hailun HG 151 Model

Are you living in a small space but still dreaming of owning a beautifully designed, high-quality piano? The HG-151 may be just what you’re looking for.

At just under 5 feet, the HG-151 baby grand boasts an excellently rounded tone with dynamic playability across the entire keyboard. The Hailun Performance Plus Design Action works in unison with the spruce keys to ensure the instrument’s balance is perfect, while the full sostenuto allows musicians to play even the most diverse selections of music.

This is a truly high-quality instrument that fits into a range of spatial and financial budgets while still providing the grand piano aesthetic you deserve.


  • Plate: Wet sand cast
  • Hammer Felt: Reinforced German felt
  • Strings: Röslau (duplex scaling)
  • #1 Bass String: 43.4 in. (110.2 cm.)
  • Bridges: Hand-notched maple
  • Soundboard Area: 1472 sq. in.
  • Soundboard: All mountain spruce with 15 degree spruce meniscus coating for climatic resistance and flexibility
  • Pin Block: 18 Ply Quarter sawn maple
  • Ribs: 10
  • Inner & Outer Rim: Multi-laminate maple
  • Lid: Beveled & reinforced
  • Action: Hailun Performance Plus design
  • Action Parts: European hornbeam
  • Action Rail: Aluminium with maple core
  • Hammer Rail: Hard Maple, serrated
  • Keybed: Multi-laminate poplar
  • Keys: Spruce
  • Keytops: High-grade Japanese PMMA
  • Pedals: Brass–Full sostenuto


  • Height: 102 cm (40.2 inches)
  • Width: 145 cm (57.2 inches)
  • Length: 151 cm (59.5 inches)
  • Weight: 322 kg (709.9 pounds)


Media – Hailun HG-151 Polished Walnut Baby Grand Piano –

Hailun, a piano company with over two decades of experience, emerged from the passion of its founders, Mr. and Mrs. Hailun, who met at Beijing’s Piano Technology School. Their commitment to excellence and family values has propelled the company’s growth. Collaborating with experts like Mr. Veletzky and renowned designers worldwide, including George Emerson and Ema Shigeru, Hailun has become a prominent player in Eastern piano production. Additionally, their partnership with Stephen Paulello ensures their instruments match European standards in both design and craftsmanship. Despite not being an industry giant yet, Hailun offers top-quality pianos at surprisingly affordable prices, appealing to musicians seeking superb instruments.

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Are Hailun Pianos Good?

Some of you may not heard of the brand or even if you have, you may not know much about this brand. So, the question that would pop up in your head might be, 'Are Hailun pianos good?' While we've been a dealer of Hailun for many years and know very well that the brand offers great quality acoustic pianos, why not hear what our customers have to say about Hailun pianos?

Customer Review About Hailun Piano at Music Gallery"So I just visited this lovely store, that host a brand I've never heard about before: Hailun grand pianos! I must say that I was pleasantly surprised over the quality and the sound of the grand pianos. Well crafted and with a quick response in the keys mechanism. I tried out the Hailun 178 concert grand and was astonished over how massive the opening chords of the Tchaikovsky 1:s piano concerto, projected out. The quick runnings of the Sibelius waltz from 10 pieces op.24 also sounded crisp and clear."
"I recently bought a Hailun Upright Piano from Music Gallery in West Vancouver. It has completely affected my practice and my passion for the music. I rarely practiced with my old piano, but now enjoy practicing every day. The sound, piano keys and adjustable bench are all just right. I'd like to thank Ehsan for his professionalism and pleasant attitude in recommending a piano that suits my needs and level perfectly. This piano is a real investment."
"Great music instruments store and academy in West Van. I’m impressed by the warm and beautiful tones of its Hailun grand pianos!"
If you're in the market for an acoustic piano, especially if you're seeking a European-like warm and rich tone, Hailun is the brand for you.
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Acoustic grand pianos offer the authentic touch and tone of traditional pianos, with a rich, resonant sound and responsive keys.

Upright Pianos Image

Acoustic upright pianos are compact yet powerful instruments, providing the classic piano experience in a smaller footprint.

Piano Silent Systems Image

Piano Silent Systems are innovative additions to acoustic pianos, enabling players to practice silently using headphones while maintaining the authentic touch and feel of traditional pianos.

Piano Tuning Image

Piano tuning is the process of adjusting the tension of the strings in a piano to ensure they produce the correct pitch. It is an essential maintenance task to keep the piano sounding its best.

Music Gallery provides a wide variety of musical instruments. While we operate as a music store in West Vancouver, all items are also available for purchase online.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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“My name is Mr. Hailun Chen. I have put my name on my pianos and on my company. It is my personal guarantee to you, that each piano is and continues to be crafted with the finest materials and to the highest quality standards. My reputation depends on it.”
– Hailun Chen

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Weight 700 lbs


1 review for Hailun Grand Piano
HG-151 Polished Walnut
Baby Grand Piano

  1. Ashahver Melani

    I had the experience of buying a piano from Music Gallery twice so far, and both times have been amazing. Buying a grand piano for my daughter has been a long time dream that was fulfilled by Ehsan. Ehsan is very professional and patient. He takes the time to explain everything in detail and allows you to make a decision without pushing you. In one sentence, Music Gallery is truly a gift that keeps on giving for musicians. I am extremely happy and satisfied with my purchase and only have Ehsan to thank for making this dream come true.

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