GENIO Upright Piano Silent System | Piano Silencer - Premium Optical Version
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GENIO Upright Piano Silent System
Piano Silencer – Premium Optical Version


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Product Information of GENIO Upright Piano Silent System

GENIO piano silent system is a piano silencer for acoustic pianos.

What is a Piano Silent System?

A piano silent system is an innovative technology that enables an acoustic piano to be played silently. It consists of sensors, a control unit, and a digital sound module. Sensors detect key and pedal movements, transmitting data to the control unit, which triggers digital sound samples stored in the module. This allows pianists to play with headphones or connect to external audio devices, perfect for practicing without disturbing others. It’s a versatile solution for late-night or apartment living, offering the feel of a traditional piano with the convenience of silent play.

In addition to the silent function, it is very useful for professional pianists or musicians for music composition/ editing with MIDI work connecting with computers. It has record/playback functions with 4 tracks (unlimited recording is also available with an extra USB stick) and has built-in 216 education songs including 80 demo songs for piano lessons.  Installation is extra. Please contact us or your technician to get a quote for installation.

  • Smart, slim & slide design
  • User-friendly touch buttons
  • Graphic LCD display
  • 512 MB memory & 256 Poly
  • 17 Preset + 16 Userset + 128 GM sound
  • 4 tracks recording/playback
  • Metronome, Transpose, Reverb, Chorus
  • USB MIDI connection
  • 2 headphones available
  • Audio IN & OUT
  • MIDI IN, OUT, THRU (Option)
  • USB port for USB memory stick
  • 216 education songs (80 demo songs included)



Soundproofing mechanism
Attachment type mute bar & Manual ON/OFF lever
Sensor type
Continuous location sensing optical sensor
128 levels
Touch sensitivity
Adjustable in 5 steps
Key sensitivity adjustment
Individually adjustable (000~255 / 256 levels)
Pedal sensor Sustain pedal, soft pedal
17 preset + 128 GM Timbre
Memory capacity
Simultaneous sounding
128 Poly
Tone adjustment
+- 24 semi tone (2 Octave)
Sound effect
Number of space sound effect
8 types
Effect level
000 ~ 127 levels
Number of concert effect
8 types
Concert effect level
000 ~127 levels
Reference tone
438 ~ 445 Hz (2Hz)
25 ~ 250
21 Type
0 ~ 9
Sample sound
Practice function
Recording and playback
2 Tracks (each 40,000 note)

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Piano Silencer – Premium Optical Version”

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