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Eastman Violin
Samuel Eastman Custom-Made Violin

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Product Information of Eastman Custom-Made Violin

The Eastman custom-made violin is an acoustic violin produced by Eastman.

This violin has been custom-made, which includes a hand-carved design on the tailpiece with an ivory accent.


  • 4/4 size violin

Outstanding features include aged solid tonewoods, genuine hand-inlaid purfling, genuine ebony fittings, and a glowing amber-brown varnish that is durable as well as attractive.  Moreover, these fully carved instruments provide quality of sound and craftsmanship to beginning and advancing players.

If you’re seeking instruments that blend tradition with innovation, look no further than Eastman violins. Crafted with care and echoing the legacy of Stradivarius and Guarneri, each violin embodies timeless craftsmanship. Additionally, they offer musicians an instrument of unparalleled quality and character.

Eastman Violins

Eastman violins are carefully crafted using 19th-century workshop methods by their master luthiers. Modeled after the revered patterns of Stradivarius and Guarneri, each violin offers a distinct tone suited for various musical styles. The Stradivarius pattern delivers an even, well-rounded tone, while the Guarneri pattern boasts a dark, assertive sound. With a focus on traditional hand craftsmanship, their violins are complex and powerful instruments.  Moreover, Eastman violins embody a legacy of quality and expertise, providing musicians with exceptional instruments to express their mastery.

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Samuel Eastman Custom-Made Violin”

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