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Product Information of Casio SP-3 Sustain Pedal

The Casio Sp-3 is a sustain pedal designed for electronic keyboards and digital pianos. The sustain pedal sustains the sound of notes played on the keyboard, simulating the effect of holding down the keys on an acoustic piano. The Casio SP-3 is a simple, reliable option that’s compatible with various Casio keyboards. Elevate your music with the SP-3 Sustain Pedal – your key to captivating performances! Crafted for electronic keyboards and digital pianos, this pedal offers seamless sustain, replicating the rich resonance of an acoustic piano. Add an optional sustain pedal to your keyboard for easier playability.

What is a Sustain Pedal?

It’s a common accessory for electronic keyboards and pianos. When pressed, it sustains the sound of the notes being played. It allows them to ring out even after you release the keys. Furthermore, it’s a fundamental tool for piano players, as it helps create a richer, more connected sound by allowing notes to blend together smoothly. Whether used sparingly to add subtle depth to a melody or held down for extended periods to create lush, sustained chords, the sustain pedal is a versatile tool that enhances the musicality and dynamic range of the piano.

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