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Product Information of BOSS KATANA-MINI Amplifier

The BOSS KATANA-MINI is an amplifier produced by BOSS. This is part of our collection of amplifiers.

Serious Rock DNA Forged Into a Compact, Battery-Powered Amp:

BOSS Katana amps have garnered acclaim from guitarists worldwide for their exceptional sound, responsive feel, onboard effects, and outstanding value. Now, the Katana-Mini brings a serious Katana tone to a portable, battery-operated amp. This miniature powerhouse surpasses other amps in its class with superior sound quality, featuring an authentic multi-stage analog gain circuit for expansive, expressive tones. It also includes a traditional analog EQ and onboard tape-style delay. Ultra-compact and designed for travel, the Katana-Mini ensures you can experience an inspiring Katana tone wherever you choose to play.


  • Great Katana tone in a highly portable amp
  • A rich, full sound that far exceeds other amps in its class
  • Authentic multi-stage analog gain circuit and three-band analog tone stack
  • Three versatile amp types: Brown, Crunch, and Clean
  • Built-in tape-style delay for a warm ambiance
  • Aux input for jamming with music from a smartphone
  • Phones/recording output with cabinet voicing
  • Runs on six AA-size batteries or an optional AC adapter

Top-Quality Sound Design:

The Katana-Mini stands apart from typical small, battery-powered guitar amps by delivering a rich, full tone that inspires extended play sessions. BOSS’s meticulous design approach integrates a custom speaker, advanced hardware, refined circuitry, and specially selected components. Together, these elements maximize sound quality while minimizing the amp’s footprint. Additionally, decades of research in energy-efficient design ensure the Katana-Mini delivers impressive power and punch using just six AA-size batteries.

Versatile Sound Settings:

The Katana-Mini features all-analog input circuitry with multiple gain stages, mirroring the cascaded gain approach of high-end amp designs. This design not only provides a satisfying tone but also offers a responsive playing experience. Moreover, distortion levels are easily controlled through input volume and picking strength. Inspired by BOSS’s flagship Waza amp, the Brown setting produces expressive, high-gain tones rich in harmonics, perfect for heavy riffs and soaring solos. The Crunch setting delivers an ideal overdrive for rock rhythms and bluesy leads, while Clean offers crisp, sparkling tones with a punchy dynamic response.

Analog Tone Shaping and Delay Effects:

Unlike other small amps with limited EQ options, the Katana-Mini features a genuine three-band analog tone stack. This allows for natural sound shaping via bass, mid, and treble controls similar to those found on full-size stage amps. Additionally, the amp includes a tape-style delay effect, adjustable via dedicated time and level knobs. This feature enables everything from subtle reverb-like ambiance to long, warm delay repeats, enhancing your overall sound experience.

Portable Performance:

The Katana-Mini’s advanced yet compact design ensures you can enjoy serious guitar tones anywhere, anytime. Weighing just under three pounds, it rests easily on tabletops or shelves at home. Its integrated handle and battery operation make it effortless to grab and play whether indoors or out. With an aux input, you can connect your smartphone and jam along to your favorite tracks. For private practice and recording, the phones/recording output provides special cabinet voicing for authentic mic’d amp tones.

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