Benchworld Pneumatic Piano Bench | ALLEGRO PE - ETA Mid 2023
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Benchworld Pneumatic Piano Bench


Pneumatic Concert Adjustable Piano Bench in Black Steel

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Product Information of Pneumatic Piano Bench ALLEGRO PE – ETA Mid 2023

Deluxe artist pneumatic Piano Bench Model “ALLEGRO PE” is a pneumatic piano bench produced by Benchworld. 27.5″ Long, 14.5″ Wide.
Deluxe Bonded Leather Seat with Deep Diamond Tufted Buttons. Steel Mechanism with Steel Legs Covered with Solid Wood Painted in Polished Ebony.
Item arrives in the box already assembled. The pneumatic Mechanism allows for quick 1-second full adjustment like an office chair! The user must weight at least 130lb to be able to lower the height of the bench by sitting on it while turning the knob. To raise the bench the user must turn the knob and the bench will raise up. Benchworld uses extra protection and guarantees items to be delivered without defects or damage.
1-Year Warranty on All Parts.


– Gas Pneumatic Mechanism with Steel Legs Covered with Solid Wood
– Deluxe Black Bonded Leather Seat with Deep Diamond Tufted Buttons
– 27.5″ Long x 14.5″ Wide Seat
– Adjustable from 18.5″ up to 21.5″
– Wooden Leg Covers Around the Steel Mechanism Finished in Polished Ebony

Package Contents:

– 1 x Piano Bench (Comes assembled)


– 1 Year Warranty on all of the parts

The ALLEGRO PE is an excellent option for individuals seeking a pneumatic piano bench. Pneumatic piano benches are great for those who value effortless height adjustment and desire optimal comfort during long practice sessions.

Why Choose a Piano Bench Over a Regular Chair?

Some of you may have wondered, ‘Why not use a regular chair instead of a piano bench? It works the same way anyway, doesn’t it?’ – Let us explain why you should choose a proper piano bench for your piano experience.

Unlike standard chairs, piano benches prioritize support and posture, offering a stable foundation for your musical endeavors. Keeping a good posture in piano playing is crucial for maintaining both comfort and performance quality. Additionally, their ergonomic precision ensures that your body maintains the ideal alignment, reducing strain and fatigue during long hours of playing.

With their sturdy construction and thoughtful design, piano benches provide the comfort and stability necessary for focused and productive practice.  Remember, if you truly dedicate yourself to piano playing, investing in accessories like a piano bench can significantly enhance your experience. Therefore, make sure to choose the right piano bench that suits your playing style and preferences for the best results.

Choose the Right Piano Bench for You

We offer a range of piano benches, including adjustable, pneumatic/hydraulic, and fixed-height options. Depending on your preference and needs, find the perfect fit for your musical journey.

Adjustable Piano Benches:

Adjustable Piano Benches

These piano benches provide adaptability for pianists with varying heights and preferences, encouraging correct posture. They feature a simple mechanism, usually a bar or knob, which allows for easy adjustment of the bench's height. Adjustable piano benches cater perfectly to the needs of growing children and households with multiple pianists of varying heights under one roof.

Pneumatic / Hydraulic Piano Benches:

Pneumatic / Hydraulic Piano Benches

Pneumatic / hydraulic piano benches are adjustable piano benches that utilize gas lift or hydraulic mechanisms for effortless height adjustments without the need for manual operation. Professional pianists and individuals who prioritize convenience and stability in their seating choices prefer these options.

Fixed Height Piano Benches:

Fixed Height Piano Benches

These non-adjustable piano benches offer a fixed height and serve as a great choice for pianists who do not require height adjustments. Many of them come with a storage compartment for sheet music, books, or musical scores. Fixed-height piano benches generally provide a more economical option in comparison to their adjustable counterparts.

If you're seeking piano benches prioritizing comfort and support for your musical sessions, ensure you choose one from us that suits your needs perfectly.
Piano Benches Image

Adjustable, pneumatic/hydraulic, and fixed-height piano benches cater to various preferences, offering comfort and stability for pianists.

Piano Lamps Image

Piano lamps provide focused illumination for sheet music, enhancing visibility without casting glare.

Pedal Extenders Image

Piano pedal extenders enable young or petite pianists to reach piano pedals comfortably, ensuring proper technique and ease of playing.

Piano Caster Cups Image

Piano caster cups provide stability and protect floors by distributing weight, ideal for grand pianos and upright pianos to prevent damage and slippage.

Piano Bench Cushions Image

Piano bench cushions offer comfort during long practice sessions, providing padding and support to enhance posture and endurance for pianists.

Music Gallery provides a wide variety of musical instruments. While we operate as a music store in West Vancouver, all items are also available for purchase online.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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For search: ALLEGROPE

Weight 50 lbs
Bench Color

Black Steel

Leg Style



No storage

Bench Type

Pneumatic / Hydraulic

Bench Length


Benchtop Material

Bonded Leather


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ALLEGRO PE – ETA Mid 2023”

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