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BeaverCreek Ukulele
Guitalele Natural – Glossy Finish


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The Beaver Creek BCGL18 is a unique instrument that goes by many names- Guitar/Ukulele, Guitalele, 6-string Ukulele.

Tuned the same as a guitar in standard tuning with a capo on the 5th fret, the Guitalele offers the guitarist an easy transition into a more portable instrument with a brighter tonality than a full size guitar. It also can work as a great transition instrument for those who play ukulele, but want to add some lower register notes as the top 4 strings of the Guitalele would be almost identical to the standard ukulele (just with an octave lower G).

The tuning is ADGCEA (lowest to highest), so all of your guitar chord shapes and scale patterns will work the exact same way, you just need to transpose into a new key. It may take a few minutes or a few hour of practice before the transposition becomes second nature, but once it does, most of your guitar music will be easy to play on the new instrument.

Since it does have some unique characteristics that a guitar and a ukulele don’t offer, it may also just be a great addition to an instrument collection for songwriting, live performance or studio work.

General Specifications:

Crossover Guitar/Ukulele Body Style
Spruce Top
Zebrawood Back & Sides
Nato Mahogany Neck
3-3 nickel machine heads – Black Buttons

Weight 15 lbs



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Guitalele Natural – Glossy Finish”

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