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Seniors Music Outreach

Music Lessons at senior centers

You are never too old to start learning music, and more and more seniors are choosing to learn a musical instrument these days. We collaborate with senior centers to provide group ukulele lessons for seniors. This collaboration is a great opportunity for us to share the joy of music with those who are keen to keep music in their lives.

Ukulele is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn how to play especially if you have never taken music lessons before, and once you learn how to play chords you can pretty much play anything. What makes ukulele even more joyful is how easy it is to sing along while playing simple chords. Therefore the combination of leaning a new instrument and singing is one that definitely brings seniors a new form of self-expression.

Do you work with or know of a senior center that would like to provide group lessons for its seniors? If so, feel free to introduce them to us.
(Senior  group lessons are not limited to ukulele, ask us for more options.)

And if you are interested in private lessons for any age group, our teachers are available for absolute beginner level up to professional skill level.  Contact us for info.

Ukulele lessons for seniors in 2022

One of our delightful customers was the Westerleigh Parc Senior Center in West Vancouver where one of our teachers traveled there every week to provide a 1 hour group lesson. For this particular group our teacher taught a range of seniors between 70 to 88 years old and they had good progress even within a month, both the seniors and our teacher enjoyed the lessons very much.

Group ukulele lesson

Group ukulele lesson

Group ukulele lesson

Group ukulele lesson

If you have any questions about our events, please feel free to contact us.

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