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Mondays To Friday: 11 am to 6:00 pm
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Capilano Business Park

118 Hanes Ave, North Vancouver, BC

Questions? Please call 604-980-4913

(Between West 1st and 3rd Ave on Hanes Ave behind Cap Mall)


At Vancouver Music Gallery we believe nothing compares to the live sound of a piano, guitar, violin or other musical instrument. We are not just saying that because we are a music store. In our busy modern lives, most of us are acquainted with music through CDs, MP3s, Computers, iPods, etc. As such, many of us have, in certain ways, lost our experience of live music, especially at home. Playing music at home is considered to be one of the most powerful means of getting family members and friends together more often, to get children more involved in useful activities and, last but not least, help kids improve their cognitive and social abilities.

It’s difficult to describe or measure exactly what music at home can do, but it certainly is a source of enjoyment and relaxation - a form of play. It brings art into the home. It brings people together. And there's a vast difference between listening to a concerto, a folk song, or a violin solo on your Ipod and playing on an actual piano, accompanying your singing with your own acoustic guitar, or practicing a new piece on your violin. At Vancouver Music Gallery, our main goal as a music store is to help our society, starting with the local North Vancouver community, become more involved in playing and listening to live music.

Music Gallery:
Small private retail music shop on the North Shore in the heart of North Vancouver. So why choose us? Better prices with more personalized service. Here's a quick list of what we carry in our shop:

Guitars at Vancouver, Pianos at Vancouver, Violins at Vancouver
Instruments: New Pianos: New Upright Pianos, New Grand Pianos, Used Pianos: Used Yamaha Pianos, Used Kawai Pianos, Used Upright Pianos, Used Grand Pianos, Acoustic Pianos, Piano Rentals: Upright Piano Rental (for rent), Grand Piano Rental (for rent), Guitars: Acoustic Guitars: Godin Guitars, Godin Art and Lutherie Guitars, (A & L), Seagull Guitar, Canadian Guitars, Beaver Creek Guitars, Classical Guitars: La Patrie Classical Guitars, Electric Guitars: Godin Electric Guitars, Fender Starcaster Electric Guitars, Multiac Guitars: Godin Multiac Guitars, Godin Multi Oud Guitar, Violins: New Violins, Use Violins, Hand Made Violins, European Violins, Violin Rentals
Accessories: Piano Benches: Fixed Height Piano Benches, Adjustable Piano Benches, Concert Piano Benches, Leather Piano Benches, Benchworld Piano Benches, Hydraulic Piano Benches, Italian Piano Benches, Spanish Piano Benches, Violin Accessories, Violin Bow, Violin Rosin, Violin Cases, Guitar Cases, Hard Shell Guitar Cases, Soft Shell Guitar Cases, Piano Pedal Extender, Piano Caster Cups, Grand Piano Caster Cups, Upright Piano Caster Cups, Metronome, Classical Metronome, Digital Metronome.
Music Lesson: Piano Lesson, Guitar Lesson, Violin Lesson.





Why choose Music Gallery?

Best Selection & Prices on Guitars:

We try our best to keep the largest selection of Multiac Guitars, Seagull Acoustic Guitars and La Patrie Guitars year round. We are one of Godin Guitars dealer in North Vancouver and we are known as one of the Godin's Multiac Center's in British Columbia.

Best Prices on Pianos:

Due to our low overhead, we can afford to offer excellent pianos at a lower price than the average market price in BC. We carry a good selection of used Kawai and Yamaha's year round. We carry a few new pianos, most at unbelievably low prices.






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Vancouver Music Gallery
118 Hanes Ave
North Vancouver, BC, V7P 3N4
Phone: 604-980-4913